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WS014: Aimes & Perdido Key – Hell Hole EP w/ rmxs from Pin Up Club and Magnus International

WS014 - Aimes & Perdido Key

WS014 – Aimes & Perdido Key

Wonder Stories boss man Aimes and frequent collaborators Perdido Key team up once again for a gritty and slightly off-kilter EP. Although right at home for Perdido Key, Hell Hole and La Pretora show a darker territory over Aimes’ usual polished disco sound. The stripped back tracks show an effort to do more with less, mostly featuring one bass synth, one lead synth, and drums. On remix duties we have Pin Up Club from Amsterdam and Norwegian ace Magnus International.

Pat Lok Ft. Desirée Dawson – All In My Head

It was a pleasuring watching Pat Lok continually churn out quality releases in 2014. Now that 2015 is well on it’s way, it’s evident that Pat has no intention of slowing down. His latest release seems to be the culmination of his style, combining the laid back R’n’B vocals of Desirée Dawson over a captivating chord progression that harmonically guides Desirée’s succinct melodies into the perfect symphonious abode [Voice Leading for the nerds out there, (take note n00bs)]. Add Pat’s lush bed of production, signature swing and hip-hop snare fills, plus, Kerry Chandler style house stabs, and you’ve got one slick dance-floor-ready bomb.

Included in the release are a trio of excellent remixes that re-envision ‘All In My Head’ while still keeping it themed for the dance floor. Honestly, I’d pay money just to hear Gold Fields loop the last minute of their remix all night. Needless to say, it will give you goosebumps. The Howson’s Groove and SYRE remixes are no feet draggers either.

Out now via Love & Other.

Bonus: Here’s a video of Pat performing ‘All In My Head’ live with Desirée Dawson at his residency at White Noise in Vancouver.

Discordance – Tarantism EP

Brighton based producers Discordance deliver an analog induced left-field techno cut for Nein records with stellar remixes from Tronik Youth, Tici Taci, and Perdido Key. All four tracks are quite enjoyable, having a very dark-belaeric quality to them, and made strictly for the dance floor. Out Dec. 15th.

Mirror People – Is It ‘Dub’ Over My Face

It’s nice to see producers using actual musicians again. There’s something about the rub and the musicians not being exactly on the grid that makes for some funky swing. Hats off to Mirror People aka Rui Maia for this super funky, classic disco tinged burner.

James Murphy Remixes The US Open

Say what you want about corporate influence on indie music (Red Bull Studios, Converse Rubber Tracks, and now IBM). Whether they are honest investments in indie culture or just cute marketing ploys, this has yet to be seen. Regardless, this new project from IBM, The US Open, and James Murphy is just darn cool. IBM turned tennis matches in to data, which James Murphy then turned into analog, post-disco bliss.

Wonder Cast 001: Alan Blancato’s Sunday Stories.

Kicking off the Wonder Stories mix series, we have Alan Blancato dropping the inaugural mix with an all vinyl, NYC-tinged, vibey house set, perfect for a head nodding vibe out session.

Substance Mix Series // Kalidasa ( Brighton, UK ) // 035

UK’s Kalidasa drops and lush and cosmic mix for the Substance Mix series.

Cyclist & Maiko – “Shine” [Video]

Cyclist’s retro-futuristic video for his excellent neo-disco single ‘Shine’. Think, Tron meets Robert Palmer.

Rothmans 007 – The Paul Breitner EP by Ste Spandex ft. Kickin’ Pigeon & Metrodome

Upcoming Rothmans release number 007. Recorded live in one take on analog gear straight to VHS tape. Vinyl only, limited edition.

Mild Peril – Arp of Pan EP