Pat Lok Ft. Desirée Dawson – All In My Head

It was a pleasuring watching Pat Lok continually churn out quality releases in 2014. Now that 2015 is well on it’s way, it’s evident that Pat has no intention of slowing down. His latest release seems to be the culmination of his style, combining the laid back R’n’B vocals of Desirée Dawson over a captivating chord progression that harmonically guides Desirée’s succinct melodies into the perfect symphonious abode [Voice Leading for the nerds out there, (take note n00bs)]. Add Pat’s lush bed of production, signature swing and hip-hop snare fills, plus, Kerry Chandler style house stabs, and you’ve got one slick dance-floor-ready bomb.

Included in the release are a trio of excellent remixes that re-envision ‘All In My Head’ while still keeping it themed for the dance floor. Honestly, I’d pay money just to hear Gold Fields loop the last minute of their remix all night. Needless to say, it will give you goosebumps. The Howson’s Groove and SYRE remixes are no feet draggers either.

Out now via Love & Other.

Bonus: Here’s a video of Pat performing ‘All In My Head’ live with Desirée Dawson at his residency at White Noise in Vancouver.

AIMES – The Marius Tresor EP feat. Brassica

Out today is an EP from AIMES on the UK vinyl only label Rothmans, entitled ‘The Marius Tresor EP’, after the famous French footballer (Soccer for us Yanks). The lead cut, Tunnel Down, is a mid tempo acid secret weapon that delivers a punch. An aggressive bass line, cutting arpeggios, and hypnotic redundancy makes for perfect underground sleaze. One the B side Brassica transforms Tunnel Down into a monster of a remix adding mesmerizing melodies, a stunning sense of atmosphere, and chord changes that wouldn’t be out of place in a 70’s Miles Davis cut. It’s no wonder that the record is already receiving support from the likes of Bicep, Tusk Wax, and Posthuman, to name a few. Out today and you can grab the vinyl here.

Tronik Youth – Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

NEIN Records label boss Tronik Youth has just released a splendid new single entitled ‘Splinter of the Mind’s Eye’. NEIN Records is notorious for fronting the UK’s portion of the slo-mo acidic chug movement pioneered by the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca (to name just a couple) and the release stays true to these roots. The original is a chugging dark-disco slow burner with hints of electro and acid and is complemented by a slew of similar but different, and totally outstanding, remixes by Dark Strands, Los Lopez, Two Mammarrachos,  and Peza. Out now, have a listen below or snag it off iTunes here.

WS007: AIMES – Harmonique Cosmique EP

For the first official release of 2015 Wonder Stories is excited to present AIMES‘ Harmonique Cosmique EP. Designed as a somewhat concept EP, it includes four versions for four types of dance floors. The ‘Disco Version’ is a feel good nu disco romper with hints of italo and classic disco, meant for an early in the night fun and funky dance floor. As the night grows longer, the ‘Late Night Version’ cranks things up a notch, channeling 80s ‘out run’ vibes with dark and sinister sentiment, while the ‘AM Version’ is an adventurous peak time techno cut. To round out the EP we have the ‘Beach Version’, perfect for the laid back sunset (or sunrise) set, meant to be played while sipping a drink with an umbrella in it.

To say thanks for listening we wanted to give away a little something so enjoy the Disco version for free and you can grab the rest of the EP here:

Big thanks to the early supporters Satin jackets, Tensnake, Alkalino, Chordashian, Disko Selectors, Walter Jones to name a few. :0

AIMES – Pacific Pearlcast 008

To help celebrate the Mazatlan, Mexico DJ collective Pacific Pearl Music’s one year anniversary, AIMES has put together an hour and twenty minute long mix of spatial and balearic disco. Free DL, enjoy.

Röyksopp – Poor Leno (Laberge Remix)

Super smooth house rework of Röyksopp’s ‘Poor Leno’ from Vancouver based Laberge. Free Download, hop on it.

Various Artist – Raw Axes Ep (Axe On Wax 004)

London based record label Axe On Wax has just released a compilation EP featuring a quartet of stunning old school themed house tracks. We are big fans of the label ever since they peaked our interest with a must have EP from the ever illusive Rhythm Operator. Raw Axes EP available 02/23/15 in digital and vinyl. Stream and pre-order here.

album art

A1. Cera Alba – Jux
A2. Cera Alba – Jux (Oli Furness Remix)
B1. Rosenhaft – Unplugged Vibez
B2. Rosenhaft – Unplugged Vibez  (Kindimmer’s Zen Remix)

Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Kachiri EP

Out today is an EP from a couple of legends. As Italy’s answer to NYC’s Mancuso and Larry Levan, Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca helped shape the left-field Cosmic/ Balearic scene and influence numerous artist. Their mutli-genre DJ sets in the 70s and 80s impacted their own productions that would come later in the 90s. Fast forward several years and the duo is still making forward thinking cosmic music. Their new EP is stays true to their sound, bringing a tinge of other-worldy weirdness and just a touch of dark funk. Out now on NEIN Records.

Bonus: Check out Daniele Baldelli’s RBMA lecture here.

Silver City – Loading EP

Julian Sanza + Fernando Pulichino make up the duo that is Silver City. They have been making balearic drenched disco since around 2002 and helped to define the genre with notable release on 2020 Vision and Under The Shade. Their soon to be released new EP ‘Loading’ stays true to their roots with a four track vinyl of vibey goodness. ‘Ride Away’ is the stand out track, one that gives chills and provokes thoughts of sunny afternoons driving along the coastline with the top down. Out soon on the Japanese label Catune. Available for pre order here.

Wonder Cast 004: Future Feelings

For Wonder Cast 004 we’ve enlisted our pal Future Feelings from Mexico City by way of Argentina. Fernando Dimare AKA Future Feelings has been a popular name in the indie dance / cosmic disco circuit for some time now. With releases on Nang, Eskimo, Electrique Music, and Undertones Gang, to name a few, and collaborations with artist such as Treasure Fingers, The Knocks, Bufi, and In Flagranti, Future Feelings is an in demand producer and DJ. Not only was he was nice enough to put together an exclusive mix for us full of unreleased gems , but we also got to chat about his music and influences.


1. Fernando – Retrospective [Gomma]
2. Man Power – Kiloton [Correspondant]
3. Dan Solo & Future Feelings – Optical Illusion [Unreleased]
4. Dan Solo & Future Feelings – Next To You [Unreleased]
5. Bufi – Ritmoculto [Electrique Music]
6. Jimmy Edgar – Burn (Original Mix) [Ultramajic]
7. Mr Timothy Ft. Inaya Day – I am Tha 1 (Avon Stringer Vicious21 Dub) [Vicious]
8. Treasure Fingers & Anna Lunoe – Bad MF [Nest]
9. PSBoys – Thursday (Tensnake Remix) (Future Feelings Edit)
10. Silver City & Patriarca – Street are like (Pete Dafeet ‘s Ain’t it a treat Remix) [Scandalo Music]
11. Feelgood Factor – The Whole Church Should Get Drunk (Future Feelings Rework) [Tickle Sound]
12. Justin Faust – Spellbound (Original Mix) [Discotexas]
13. Futurewife & DJ ShmeeJay – On The Road Again (Edit) [Unreleased]


How did you get in to producing and what where your initial influences?

I was into music since an early age, I can’t remember when exactly but my dad was my initial influence since he’s a guitar player and I was always around and involved in every band he had, impregnating myself into it.

I remember to be a super fan of my dad’s music like Beatles and stuff till a Parliament Funkadelic vinyl came to my hands and then my mind melted down to funk music all the way. I started to consume every single funky record I could find. Then I remember stumbling upon this guy Norman Cook, who at that time (circa 1995) was turning everything into funky dance hits.  

Your productions have a very specific sound, they are colorful and funky. Is this something you set out to achieve or did it just happen?

I think the first answer tells a lot about it. Future Feelings started in 2010 as a way to blend Chillwave and Funk styles, then turned into a more disco dancefloor sound, naturally.

Where did the name Future Feelings come from?

Choosing a name is probably one of the hardest things to do with a project. I had been looking for something catchy but that I really liked and means something to me and what I really want to show. I’ve always been naturally into feeling a bit future-esque, not as a supernatural gift, but kinda into realizing some sort of moments in the near future, so I tried it 🙂

You are originally from Argentina, but now reside in Mexico City by way of Guadalajara. Can you give some insight into the different scenes?

Mexico has a really big scene right now, and its strength has broke any limit worldwide, and I’m kinda happy to be involved in it. Argentina is quite different since all the music they reach is mainly from europe, and there’s a delay on fresh styles. 

Which was your favorite gig and why?

I liked a lot my last time at Tropico Festival in Acapulco, where the headliners were awesome and I spent a great weekend with great talent and friends at the beach watching the sun rise. I think my favorite gig is always the next one.

What’s your favorite track you’ve made and why?

I still really love Odyssey and the whole EP because I spent a lot of time and effort on it. I promise myself I wouldn’t sleep or eat till I get it done. And so it was. 

Who are you favorite producers at the moment?

I really love the work of some people around me at this moment, like the faster delivery on tracks Futurewife or Mijo does. The fine tuning Dan Solo do with his tracks, or the broken beats of Thomass Jackson.  Los Mekanikos are getting bigger on their style, and internationally I think Oliver $, Julian Sanza, and Justin Faust is doing it great. I’m currently listening to a lot of different new music, so I’d like to include the new Theo Parrish record, and Blood Orange is great as well.

Favorite label at the moment?

Can’t name only one: Exxxtra Picante, Sanfuentes, Correspondant, Electrique, Gomma, Tigersushi, and probably whichever one in which my friends are releasing on. 

What’s on the future for you?

I’m currently working with talented friends as Juan Soto, Gabriel from Avanti, Thomass Jackson, and more on a Future Feelings album for 2015. I’m not as much interested on releasing an album as for an albums sake, but to have a repertoire to play live as a band in the near future 🙂 More news soon..