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Paraphernalia: an Introduction to Mild Peril

Christopher Gilbert makes retro leaning and faux new age cosmic music. By Faux new age I mean his music could easily be mistaken for something Manuel Göttsching or Tangerine Dream was doing in the 70s. His bandcamp has a huge catalog of cosmic synth wave and is definitely worth a listen.

Tornado Wallace – ‘Circadia’ EP

Lewie Day a.k.a Tornado Wallace follows up his 2013 ‘Thinking Allowed’ EP on ESP Institute with the beautifully produced 3-track ‘Circadia’ EP. The A-side is full of lush, soft 80’s vibes while the B-Side is a bit more on the house tip. Being a sucker for anything with a pan flute, I’ll definitely be playing this one out in my DJ sets.